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Watch the 2018 Winter Olympics from anywhere

Watch the 2018 Winter Olympics from anywhere

The 23rd edition of the Olympic Winter Games is finally upon us and you can watch the 2018 Winter Olympics from anywhere.

Here is what you need to know about the 2018 Winter Olympics

For one month every four years, top athletes from all over the world gather to take part in exhilarating winter sporting and this time they will do it in the mountainous PyeongChang county of South Korea. The competitions are set to kick off this Thursday, 8th February followed by the official opening Ceremony on Friday and run through to Sunday 25th February.

Athletes from a record 92 nations are expected to compete in 102 sporting events, which include the four new disciplines that will be introduced for the first time in the Olympics. The inclusion of six new countries, four new and exciting disciplines and the fact that athletes from North and South Korea will be competing under one flag makes this the grandest and most thrilling Winter Olympics yet. You simply cannot afford to miss it.

Watch the 2018 Winter Olympics from anywhere with VPN

To enjoy the action and cheer on your favorite players, you will not have to join the fans in Pyeongchang who will be watching in freezing temperatures. You can follow the events as they unfold from the comfort of your home, office or anywhere else really.

Several channels have already secured broadcasting rights and will be airing live events in their nations. For example, NBC and Universal will be broadcasting in the United States while BBC and Eurosport will be broadcasting to viewers in the United Kingdom. Most of these channels only serve the local people in their various home nations so you cannot access them while in another country due to geo-blocking restrictions.

Virtual Private Networks are the answer to your accessibility problems

Virtual Private Networks provide privacy and anonymity, which means that your VPN client can hide your IP address making you virtually anonymous to all third parties on the web. VPNs allow you to select the server and country with which to connect with your VPN client. For example, if you are in the Seychelles Islands, you can connect to a Canadian server and then open the CBC online streaming to watch the winter games live.

To watch the 2018 winter Olympics with VPN, you will need to follow the following easy steps:

  1. Choose a VPN we recommend NordVPN
  2. Register for the VPN by proving your personal information and payment method
  3. Download the VPN client for your operating system
  4. Run the app and Log-in using the credentials you used in the registration process
  5. From the list provided by your VPN, choose a server location of the country or region you want to unblock content from
  6. Now you can enjoy the winter games on the channel broadcasting it in the country you chose in the earlier step

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VPNs to use to watch the Winter Games Online

Before selecting a VPN, there are a number of aspects that you should consider including encryption protocols, streaming speeds, availability of servers to establish a connection, available countries, mobile compatibility and many more. In short, your best VPN should deliver your content fast and reliably.

The following stand out from the crowd available today in the market.

It does not matter if you do not have a cable subscription or if you are in Columbia, Mexico or any other nation that has not secured broadcasting rights; you can watch the 2018 winter Olympics with VPN. Get a reliable VPN provider and enjoy the live events, commentary, analysis and ceremonies in Pyeongchang this February.


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