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What Is A VPN Server? Does Server Count and Location Matter?

Does number of servers matter when choosing VPN?

The question of quantity versus quality is one nut most people find it hard to crack. Well, you might say, the bigger, the better, right?

But that’s not all.

When presented with a VPN having multiple servers in different locations, you’ll probably say, Alas! This is it – the best one ever! Before you start rejoicing at this, let us look at both sides of the coin and see which one holds water.

Servers are not universal

They are of varied nature, each designed for its specific purpose. With that in mind, the server will be designed specially to meet the demands of the task at hand.

So, for the case of a VPN company, emphasis will be on a server that fully delivers the best VPN experience instead of setting up more than 100 servers, which will be a waste of resources and, most importantly, space.

Thus, consideration will only be on the storage, processor, and memory of the single server dedicated to offering VPN services, not the number.

Your location matters

The bandwidth signal varies depending on the coverage area. For instance, the speed in the United States is higher compared to Africa.

This implies that two users, one in the US and another in Africa, will have two different opinions on a particular VPN.

Regardless of the number of servers, the location will still be a determining factor.

User-friendliness is also essential

Now, imagine that you have this latest Smart TV with the likes of Netflix and all other exciting apps and features, but you cannot access any of these because of the user interface.

Will you be able to enjoy any of these services from your ‘dream’ Smart TV you saved for decades to buy?

The same case applies with a VPN having 100 servers but with an interface that’s difficult to navigate. You’ll get frustrated with it; hence, the number of servers wouldn’t have had any impact on your VPN experience.

Cost is critical

Money is a determinant in most decision-making processes. Say, for example, you are investing in a short term online project. Would you go for a VPN that will cost you a fortune because of the hundreds of servers affiliated to it? Of course, not.

 The number of servers depends on how they are used

Since the VPN providers are only like intermediaries, delivering information from one party to another requires some effort. This would imply that up to the mark, servers should be incorporated.

However, servers without a good internet connection are just as good as a mobile phone without a battery; it won’t start!

Having the best servers without impressive uplinks won’t get you anywhere; thus, server count is not essential.

Does number of servers matter when choosing VPN, When is the server count critical?

However, there are instances when server counts mater.

Many servers increase internet speed

A VPN with high volumes of users tends to be influenced by such factors as processing power and memory space. This may not be accomplished with a single server, thus the need for more servers to be incorporated.

If one server is used, the internet speed will slow down, overloading it or making it virtually unusable. User frustrations such as slow speed and insufficient memory space may arise.

Nevertheless, multiple servers in different locations will increase speed leading to a better VPN experience.

Switching between different locations

Numerous server locations evenly distributed enable users to switch between their preferred locations easily. Since the resource is balanced, you will be able to access the available server for your location easily.

This can also help to enhance the security of your VPN connection. Thus, privacy is guaranteed, unlike in a single-server situation.

Getting different IP addresses for various purposes

The server count will enable you to switch between different countries in relation to the different servers. If you are in Mexico and you are interested in watching a Wildlife documentary only available in England, you can easily switch the VPN server to that country.

A similar result may not be achieved where there is only one VPN server located in a single country or continent.

Useful in case of multiple devices

Here is a situation where you have your phone and laptop. Having multiple servers in different locations will enable you to use both devices at the same time, unlike when there is only one.

Does number of servers matter when choosing VPN, from the points above, it is unanimously evident that the more server locations that are offered by the VPN company, the better it is for you. And the fewer server locations provided, the more likely that server will get overloaded when too many users use them at the same time.

It is, therefore, unarguable that the number of servers counts as it determines the overall user satisfaction or dissatisfaction.

Best VPN services with wide server coverage in 2024

1. NordVPN

NordVPN is arguably the best VPN with wide server coverage. At the time of writing this guide, the VPN has 5216 in 59 countries. They have 2413 servers in Europe, 2019 servers in the Americas, 670 servers in Asia Pacific, and 113 servers in Africa, the Middle East, and India. The VPN works with all devices and allows simultaneous connections up to 6 devices with a single subscription.

NordVPN has excellent speeds, and security wise, you are covered with their military grade encryption. Other security features include the use of the Kill Switch technology to guard against the exposure of your data. We also like that NordVPN is a strictly no logs VPN, and their location in Panama means that you get maximum security protection.

Try NordVPN Risk-Free

2. ExpressVPN

Not only does number of servers matter when choosing VPN, the speed of the servers is equally important. ExpressVPN is an excellent VPN service that is known for fast blazing speeds. They provide you with more than 3000 VPN server in 160 server locations in 94 countries. The VPN has a smart location feature that automatically picks the best VPN location servers for you. The choice is based on key metrics such as download speed, latency, as well as distance. ExpressVPN supports all major platforms including Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, Linux, and Routers.

The VPN has the best in class encryption and zero logging of your data. If you are travelling abroad, more so to a country that exercises massive censorship like China, Russia, and Iran, ExpressVPN can help you to bypass censorship and enjoy your favorite movies, TV shows and any other favorite websites without interruption. It is excellent at streaming and is among a handful of VPNs that unblocks Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, BBC iPlayer, and Sky Go. Also, the VPN allows torrenting on all its servers.

Visit ExpressVPN

3. CyberGhost

CyberGhost is among the leading best VPNs in the World. It boasts of more than 3000 servers in 61 countries. The VPN exhibits fast speeds in many of our tests, and works on all devices. It is excellent for streaming movies and TV shows in HD. The VPN implements robust security features to protect your packets of data against hackers, snoops, and many other cyber criminals. CyberGhost is a no logs VPN service and implements all leak protection measures. We also like its location in Bucharest, Romania. In the country, there are no mandatory data retention directives, and so, its an excellent VPN location.

Visit CyberGhost

4. SurfShark VPN

Surfshark is a new VPN that brings battle to the door steps of the most established VPN services. They have 1040+ servers in 61+ countries. The VPN works on all devices and allows simultaneous unlimited simultaneous connections to all your devices which is a boon for a family set up. SurfShark is among the few VPNs that not only unblock Netflix but also many other streaming services including Hulu, BBC iPlayer, and Sky Go.

The VPN is a strictly no logs service and their location in the British Virgin Islands means your privacy is adequately protected. Also, SurfShark uses the highest standards of encryption to safeguard your online data, as well as a Kill switch to disable your internet connection should the VPN connection drop.

5. VyprVPN

This independent audited VPN service has great apps to help you from notorious hackers and snoops. VyprVPN avails to you connect to more than 700 global servers. We like that they own the servers and no third parties are involved. That means fast speeds and enhanced security. Some of the security features include the Chameleon technology that’s excellent at bypassing restrictive networks and is your best bet if you are in reside or are travelling to countries that exercises massive censorship. The VPN is a strictly no logs service and comes with inbuilt Kill switch to protect your data should the VPN disconnect or is disabled.

Does number of servers matter when choosing VPN? Off course it does. If you are looking at unblocking websites, you’ll need a server in the location of the website you desire to unblock. More so, if you intend to unblock streaming websites such as Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, Sky Go, and many others, you’ll need a VPN with many servers. The streaming companies are known to successfully block VPNs.  Also, if you reside or you are travelling to a country that exercises massive censorship like China, or Russia, you’ll need a VPN that embraces the stealth technology on its servers to help disguise your VPN traffic as regular HTTPS traffic in order to bypass the notorious firewalls without being detected.


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