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Private Internet Access

Private Internet Access review 2024 (affordable pricing)

Private Internet Access (PIA) is a premium VPN service that provides superior security and anonymity services to its users at affordable pricing. The VPN has all the necessary features you would like to get in a VPN service.

The VPN has its base in the US. The US location is not privacy-friendly owing to the US government surveillance and spying. However, PIA embraces a strictly no logs policy. Meaning, they don’t keep any of your data that can be traced back to you. Hence, even if they were to be compelled even with a subpoena to release your logs, they won’t have any to give. And so you are safe using Private Internet Access regardless of their US location.


  • Affordable pricing
  • Robust encryption
  • Fast speeds
  • No leaks detected
  • Torrenting allowed


  • Located in the US
  • Does not stream Netflix

Let’s delve more in-depth with this VPN and find out why PIA is clicking with users worldwide.

How many servers and server locations?

PIA offers its users over 3,200 servers in more than 30 worldwide country locations. Such broad server presence around the world is a boon for those looking not only to unblock content, stream movies, and torrent but also to realize breakneck speeds and the ability to shop online from different locations.

If you require a VPN to unblock content worldwide, you will need a VPN with many servers that spread across the world. To unblock a website, you require connecting to a VPN server in the same location as the subject website. To realize fast speeds, you need to Connect to your nearest server. When it comes to shopping online with a VPN, you need to spoof your location and appear as if you are accessing the online shop from the region with the best offer. That way you can save lots of cash whenever you are shopping online. Therefore a VPN with a massive number of servers like PIA increases your possibilities.

Important to note is the fact that PIA Access does not limit you to one country or gateway. Its interface is user-friendly and allows you to disconnect from any country as well as to connect to another. In short, PIA allows unlimited server switches.

How much does the Private Internet Access Subscription Cost?

Private Internet Access avails three billing options for its users. The monthly plan goes for $6.95/month. Their popular annual plan goes down to $3.33/month. And the two-year plan goes further down at $2.91/month. Clearly, you can see that PIA becomes cheaper with a more extended subscription period.

PIA accepts a broad range of payment options including PayPal, major credit cards, Cashu, as well as Bitcoin. They also provide you with 7-days money back guarantee so you can test their service risk-free.

Private Internet Access allows its users to connect up to 5 devices simultaneously using a single PIA subscription. You can connect various devices such as computers, mobile devices or routers. However, you can only connect 5 devices at any given time.

How compatible is Private Internet Access?

PIA is compatible with a broad range of devices including Windows, Android, iOS, Mac Osx as well as Linux and Routers. You also get apps for Firefox, Chrome, and Opera web browsers.

Is Private Internet Access Safe to use?

  • VPN Security Protocols

Private Internet Access uses OpenVPN, IPSec, and the L2TP protocols. I advise continually advice my readers to utilize the open source OpenVPN protocol as it is highly reliable and provides fast speeds.

  • Encryption

The VPN uses 128-bit AES encryption as the default protocol. However, you can boost the same to 256-bit AES encryption in less than a minute. They use SHA-1 or SHA 256 encryption for Authentication purposes as well as RSA- 2048 up to RSA 4096 for the handshake.

  • No DNS Leaks

Private Internet Access does not leak your data. My tests at did not detect any kinds of leaks. Now, this is very important given that the VPN is based in the US. USA is a member of the FIVE EYES Alliance. The member countries are bound by the UKUSA agreement that requires them to spy and share intelligence with one another. The fact that Private Internet Access is a strictly no logs VPN, and that they do not leak your data mitigates their Privacy unfriendly location. Hence we can conclude that Private Internet Access is safe.

  • Other Features

Kill Switch

PIA was among the top VPN services to implement the Kill Switch Feature. A Kill Switch has become an integral feature in any VPN offering. The Internet Kill Switch is invaluable as it prevents your encrypted data from leaking to the ISP in case the VPN connection drops.

Add blocker

Private Internet Access supports ad-blocking. Indeed, they provide to their users the Private Internet Access MACE that helps to block ads, trackers as well as malware regardless of the browser in use.

Private Internet Access Performance

Private Internet gave me excellent connection speeds so that in less than 3 seconds I was at it. Furthermore, the speeds were also fast allowing streaming in HD quality without buffering. The download and upload speeds were amazing, and I did not experience any interrupted sessions. I’d say speed wise; the VPN does excellently.

Private Internet Access VPN for Netflix

Many VPN users around the world desire to unblock the Netflix US library. The Netflix US boasts of a massive catalog of Movies and TV shows comparable to none. The problem is that Netflix is all arms against VPNs on this front. The truth is, Netflix seems to win big as the number of VPNs that work to unblock the Netflix USA seems to dwindle by the day.

Private Internet Access used to be among the few VPNs that worked to unblock the Netflix US until recently when it stated that it’d no longer support Geo-blocked content. Indeed, just recently, their Silicon Valley server, the only one that continued to work with Netflix seized working with Netflix.

Private Internet Access VPN for Torrenting

PIA allows P2P file sharing and torrenting activities. They do not block torrent downloads. In fact, they provide the Internet Kill Switch that disconnects the internet in case the VPN connection falls thus protecting the user from exposure. The VPN neither keeps users logs nor leaks the user’s traffic. Therefore, the VPN is excellent for torrenting. Remember downloading of copyright protected material is illegal depending on your jurisdiction. Hence, it’s advisable always to use a VPN when torrenting.

Can users in China use Private Internet Access?

China is working tirelessly to defeat the VPNs ability to unblock its Great Firewall of China. Connecting to a VPN in China is not easy. However, PIA advises its users to use the L2TP connections as China does not yet block L2TP connections.

PIA Customer Support

First, the VPN provides a comprehensive Knowledge-base with articles on account issues, troubleshooting issues, technical complications, and much more. Second, there’s the guide section that offers extensive product documentation where you get tutorials for all supported platforms. Third, there’s the News page that alerts PIA users of app updates, new servers, as well as service issues and much more. Lastly, there’s a contact page where you can send an email with a quick turnaround.


Private Internet Access scores high on the pricing, supported devices, speed, security, and privacy. The US location is a bit scary. They also need to incorporate live chat services. All in all, PIA has what it takes to protect your online security and privacy.



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