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NordLocker file encryption (2024) – A robust and free encryption tool

NordLocker enabled me to encrypt my files and easily share them with my contacts. I was able to gain access to my files from any device, regardless of their size. So, I can confirm that it offers what it exactly claims. However, don’t expect Nordlocker file encryption to protect your online privacy; for that, you will need to subscribe to a VPN. Below is a detailed discussion of the cloud storage solution.

If you are in a hurry to read through, here’s a summary of NordLoker file encryption features

  1. Robust security – AES 256 -bit encryption and master password
  2. Ease of use
  3. Apps for Windows, macOS, Android, and iOS
  4. User-friendly software
  5. Free unlimited encryption
  6. 3 GB of free cloud storage, 500 GB for $3.99/mo, and 1TB for 9.99/mo
  7. Easy set up-find a detailed NordLocker set up guide below
  8. Synchronize and share files
  9. Transparent privacy policy
  10. Free and premium plans are available
  11. Limited support on the free plan, 24/7 live chat available for premium subscribers

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Pricing and plans

NordLocker file encryption offers a free version with unlimited end-to-end encryption but limits users to 3 GB of cloud storage. However, free users can decrypt any size of files sent to them. Know this makes sense because the recipient of your files must set up a free account. A credit card is not required for the free plan.

NordLocker premium subscribers have the option to choose from the 500 GB cloud storage plan that costs $ 3.99/month and the 2TB cloud storage for $9.99/month. Unlike the free plan that offers email support, the premium plans have 24/7 priority support.

The premium plan offers a 30-days money back guarantee, an opportunity to test the plans risk-free.

Try NordLocker Risk-free

Interface and ease of use

Nordlocker has a clean and straightforward interface that’s easy to use. It only has important features without too much baggage. It allows local storage of encrypted files. Meaning your files on your device are safe from hackers because even if they gain access to your device, they cannot decrypt your data. The premium plans upload your files to Nord Security’s cloud servers, thus making your files encrypted and available from any device.

NordLocker allows you to grant access to your family, friends, and colleagues, provided that the invitee has a free account. File sharing is seamless and instant, and it can be invaluable for small businesses.

NordLocker works with Windows and macOS and allows cross-platform synchronization. Its drag and drop functionality makes it easy to upload, download, and organize files. The app is responsive even when you download heavy files.

File Synchronization

NordLocker cloud helps you to synchronize your files across multiple devices. You can create a locker (folder) on your computer or NordLocker cloud. After you’ve created a Locker in the cloud, you can access it on any device simply by logging into your NordLocker desktop app. Having your files in the cloud saves you space on your device. However, you need the internet to access your files.

The file encryption solution is compatible with Google Drive and Dropbox. You only need to sync with the respective cloud service to share your folder.

Privacy and Security features


Is NordLocker Secure? Yes. It uses robust security standards with its end-to-end encryption and advanced ciphersYou get Argon2, AES-256 encryption for your files, and ECC (with XChaCha20, EdDSA, and Poly1305). It relies on asymmetric cryptography, meaning that a public key is required for encryption and decryption. So, you secure your files in a click and back them up in a private cloud allowing you to access your files whenever you need them. No corporation or hackers can gain access to your data. However, if you need to protect your online privacy, you’ll need a VPN.

Password Management

Another important security feature is the master password. When you set up your NordLocker account, you will be required to create your password. Make sure to create a strong password and one that you won’t forget. The master password is important as it’s the one that will let you access your lockers. Whenever you wish to open your lockers, you will be asked to enter your master password. However, NordLocker does not offer 2-step authentication (2FA) system, which offers an added layer of protection.


NordLocker provides Help Center on the site with comprehensive FAQs and guides covering all aspects of the service. The free plan has email support. I contacted NordLocker through email, and they responded in less than four hours. That was good enough considering they had offered a guarantee to respond within 24 hours.

The premium plans get a 24/7 live web chat feature for faster communication. Even though live chat is not available for the free plan, direct email support is available, which is good considering it’s free.

How does NordLocker work?

NordLocker uses AES 256 cryptographic protocol so that the data sent to your locker is scrambled by a unique key randomly. You are the only one with a matching key to unscramble the data using your master password. Since it is cloud-based, you can grant people access to your locker by emailing them. But they have to use their version of NordLocker to access the files. The files are encrypted at all times, protecting them from hackers and other third parties, including NordLocker developers and staff.

How to install NordLocker-step by step guide

  1. Head on to the NordLocker website and click on “Get NordLocker.”

2. Choose a plan; the free plan offers 3 GB of cloud storage and email support. Premium plans provide you with 500 GB for $3.99/mo and 2TB for $9.99/mo, respectively.

3. In this setup guide, I’m downloading NordLocker for Windows. However, downloads are available for macOS, iOS, and Android.

4. Click on the “Run” file.

5. You will be required to choose the destination location to install NordLocker on your device. You requires at least 145.5 MB of free disk space.

6. Click “Install’ to install NordLocker on your computer.

7. Click on “Finish” to complete the Setup.

8. After successfully installing and setting up NordLocker on your device, you now need to create an account.

9. Create a Nord account using your mail

10. Activate your account. An activation code is sent to your email. Use it to activate your account.

11. Create your password-make sure to create a strong password.

12. NordLocker Account created successfully.

13. Create your master password

14. After creating a master password, you are provided with an emergency recovery key if you lose your master password.

15. You better write it down and then tick the box with “I have saved my recovery key in a safe place”, and also the beneath box that you understand if you lose your master password and the recovery key, you will be locked out of your encrypted files.

When you tick the two boxes and confirm accordingly, you automatically create a Locker.

That’s it, you have signed up and created a locker successfully!

Verdict- Is NordLocker worth it?

Having used NordLocker file encryption for quite some time, I can say it’s seamless and offers robust security, making it among the best cloud storage systems around. Installation and setup were also easy and did not require you to be tech-savvy. I like that the free plan offers end-to-end encryption and 3 GB of cloud storage. NordLocker is the most secure and easy-to-use cloud storage system available. Hence, if you only want to encrypt your files and do not need huge data storage, the free version could work perfectly for you. I also like introduction of its smartphone apps, i.e., Android and iOS devices. Also, introduced two main features – the Space Saver and Web Access. It allows users to offload files into encrypted cloud storage and access them from the browser on any device.

So, I can say that the Free version is an excellent deal. I still find its premium version cheaper than most cloud storage systems currently available.

You can test the premium version risk-free with its 30-days money-back guarantee.


Does NordLocker support Android and iOS devices?

Yes, NordLocker recently launched its Android and iOS apps in addition to Windows and macOS. Hence, you can now use it on your smartphone or tablet.

Is NordLocker free?

NordLocker free version offers  you up to 3GB of cloud storage. Upgrading to the premium plans will cost you $3.99/mo for 500 GB and $9.99/mo for 1 TB of cloud storage. The free plan only offers email support, while the premium plans have 24/7 live chat support.

Is NordLocker file encryption safe?

Yes, NordLocker uses end-to-end encryption and advanced ciphers. Your files are protected by military-grade AES encryption. I like that it has a transparent Privacy Policy. The fact that NordLocker is owned by Nord Security, the company that owns NordVPN, a trusted company, makes it a product worth trusting.

Can NordLocker file encryption be hacked?

NordLocker uses end-to-end encryption, making it impossible to hack. In 2021, the file encryption solution launched its bounty campaign, inviting hackers to try and unlock one of their lockers. The hackers were to download an encrypted locker and try to open it by all means. The first one to succeed was to get $10,000. The bounty campaign ran for 365 days with 732 downloads, but non managed to crack it.

Should I upgrade to NordLocker premium?

NordLocker premium only gives you extra storage space and 24/7 live support. So, if you need more space, then the premium option will give you 500GB at $3-99/mo and 1TB at 9.99/mo. Otherwise, you are good to go with the free version.

Does NordLocker subscription include NordVPN?

No, even though the same company owns NordLocker and NordVPN, the products are independent of each other.

Does NordLocker work with a smartphone?

Yes, NordLocker recently introduced Android and iOS, making it possible to use file encryption on your mobile devices.

How does it work?

NordLocker file encryption is pretty easy to use. It encrypts your files when you drag and drop them into your locker. Unlike other cloud systems, NordLocker encrypts your files before uploading them; hence unauthorized third parties can’t gain access to your files. Once encrypted, the files are only available to you and any other person you authorize. You can access your files anywhere and on any device by simply sharing them with cloud storage. You can share your files with others too.

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