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Mobicip Review 2024: Is It Really the Best Parental Control App?

Having spent time around youngsters lately, I have come to learn that they love flat, shiny touchscreens just as much as the rest of us. This means a son, daughter, nephew, or niece will be quick to borrow your phone or tablet, or eventually request a device of their own. Whether you’re handing your phone to a nagging toddler or sorting out a new tablet for your children, you’ll need to protect the device against harmful content, unauthorized purchases, and more. Thankfully, it’s not that difficult. Mobicip is here to help.

Here is one of the best Mobicip reviews for 2024


  • Well-designed mobile app
  • An elaborate web interface
  • App blocking
  • Supports a broad range of platforms
  • Works flawlessly
  • Free Version


  • You can only set time schedules but not a total time limit.

What is Mobicip?

Mobicip is an acronym for Mobile CIPA. CIPA stands for Children Internet Protection Act, a regulation that mandates secure internet access. It is a web-based application that helps parents and guardians monitor, filter, and blocks objectionable internet content, to keep their children safe.

Mobicip Pricing and Compatibility

Mobicip provides three main plans to its users. The small plan goes for $3.33/month and protects up to 5 devices. The medium one costs $4.99/month and protects 10 devices. The large plan is billed at $10.41/month and protects 15 devices. You get a 7-day free trial regardless of the plan

Also, you can request for a quote for its Mobicip for Schools, and for Business.

Mobicip is compatible with many devices, including:

  • Windows
  • Android
  • macOS
  • iOS
  • Nook
  • Chrome book
  • Kindle Fire

How to set up Mobicip

  1. Set up a Mobicip client on the device you want to track
  2. Launch the monitor app and login with your Mobicip credentials
  3. Select Profile from the list of profiles that appears
  4. Choose the sites you wish to block and the ones that you allow access
  5. To edit profiles, go back to the menu and select profiles

Mobicip Interface

Mobicip has a simple, user-friendly interface. It has well elaborate menus to enable users to access its main features with ease. At the top, you have four main menus: Activity, Family, Devices, and Messages. In the top-right corner, you’ll find your account and subscription settings. You can see all your monitored devices in the dashboard under the activity section. The family section provides you information about all your monitored child profiles as well as the parental profiles you set.

Features and Application

Here are excellent Mobicip features that help to childproof your devices.

1. Content Filtering

With the internet content broadening with every passing day, the content filtering feature included in Mobicip is a welcome feature for parents. Based on a combination of safe search enforcement, database lookups, and just-in-time dynamic analysis, the app can filter content that can be accessed by a device.

You can also configure the product to skip content filtering for specific networks, either a single IP address or an IP range. The average parent probably doesn’t need to do this. However, Mobicip is also used in schools and businesses. If the network has content filtering built-in, there is no need for the device. Advanced internet filtering scans websites in real-time and ensures not only web safety but also age-appropriate o for each user.

2. Childproofing your device

Childproofing your devices is an essential feature of the app that stops other people, especially children, from accessing adult content on your device or using it to visit unintended websites.

3. Apps Monitoring and management

Mobicip sends instant notifications from your child’s phone to your device. You can use this feature to keep in touch with the phone activities of your child, such as the apps he/she uses without necessarily having to go through his/her phone and offending him/her. Also, Mobicip allows you to monitor and manage all your family apps from one web dashboard.

4. Browsing history

You can quickly review the browsing history of your child through the app monitor feature. Also, you will find reports regularly sent to you. Always remember that you’ll not have to touch the devices for this information – because everything will come to you automatically. It gives you the ability to preview four weeks of internal browsing history.

5. Internet Time limits

Another great addition to the Mobicip feature is the ability it offers parents to manage their children’s browsing time. Time is kept and managed via the time zone clock feature rather than the phone clock. Therefore one cannot easily cheat. This feature only allows one to be online for the time that has been set. If your child gets to access the internet past the set time, you remotely receive a notification.

6. Access request

When a user you are monitoring (either your family or employees) wants to access content that has been filtered out, they can request access from you. You just need to review and allow or reject those requests from your account.

Other features include:

  • Ability to lock all family devices instantly
  • Block websites by internet filtering
  • Allow or block social media apps and games
  • Allow or block video streaming apps and sites

Mobicip for Schools

Mobicip offers plug and play web filters in the cloud for schools. It provides intuitive apps to help deploy filtering on a wide variety of device types. You only need to Install, Enable, and Manage. Mobicip has filters for an iPad that allows you to filter content by users, groups, or account. It ensures that only educational content is allowed while objectionable content is blocked across all apps. Its filtering strategy consists of a safe browser, global proxy, enforced VPN, and content filtering plug-in. Also, you get web filters for Chromebook, Windows, Mac, Android, Kindle, and Nook.

Mobicip benefits for schools

  • The software is cloud-based; hence you will not require hardware or appliance to begin filtering devices.
  • The ability to control any browser on the iPad. Thus students will only access educational resources.
  • Mobicip is compatible with a wide range of devices, which enables you to control as many of your student’s devices.
  • Real-time Filtering scans the internet in real-time to ensure that your students are not exposed to dangerous materials.

Mobicip for Business

Mobicip offers web filtering in the cloud for businesses. The plug and play web filter mean you won’t need an appliance, capital equipment, or networking expertise. It provides intuitive but straightforward apps to enable web filtering on a wide variety of device types.

Benefits of controlling business with mobicip

  • Prevents data leaks

Data leaks have proven a headache and costly for many companies around the globe. They could expose valuable information and statistics. That’s where Mobicip for Business comes in. It will help you to monitor what sites your employees visit during work time. Hence it makes it easy to deduce your employee’s intentions beforehand.

  • Ability to block access

Mobicip will help you to filter and choose the websites that your employees are allowed to visit. At the same time, you can manage access requests to allow or deny access to specific resources.

  • Block keyword

Mobicip gives you the power to block keywords with its real-time content filtering. When the feature is activated, your employees will not gain access to content with a blacklisted word or phrase.

Caveats of Mobicip

I’m less impressed with the option to block all websites containing parent-specified words or phrases. That is, the filter will find those words even when they are not present, but only as a substring of some other word. If you choose to block “crap,” you’ll miss any pages relating to skyscrapers.

The app assumes that one child uses each mobile device, so once installed, it merely asks you to identify the related child profile. If it is an android device, you have to define a four-digit passcode for Mobicip to lock screen, this appears when the child tries to launch an app you have not approved. This feature restricts other Mobicip android browsers.

It’s also a wise move to use the best VPN to secure your child’s against hacking and other cybercrimes.


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