Try Different Options

Let’s start with an obvious suggestion, which is trying a different browser. Those who are fed up with their current option can change the browser.

If you have been using Chrome, which is the most popular option in the world, you might have noticed that the browser tends to consume a lot of memory. Even high-end computer users reported their discontent with Chrome.

Besides the aforementioned Safari and Chrome browsers, there are options like Firefox, Edge, Opera, and Vivaldi.

Keep in mind that these internet browsers are free, and each of them offers specific features, such as an emphasis on security, performance, and privacy.

When you can, take some time and test different browsers to see which of them feel the best to use and stick to it. Also, remember that you can keep multiple browsers on your device at the same time and use one depending on your needs.

Install Updates

Similar to how you should prioritize operating system updates on your computer, you should also make sure that your internet browser is running on the latest available version.

As a rule of thumb, an internet browser should update itself automatically. However, you should still check on it now and then to make sure that the most recent update is installed.

Check Available Extensions

One of the biggest benefits of modern internet browsers is the available extensions. Back in the Internet Explorer days, extensions were not a thing, but things have changed since then.

Chrome stands out the most when it comes to browser extensions. Since it is the most popular browser, it is no surprise to see developers put effort into developing useful extensions.

Whether you are looking to improve your privacy, save money shopping, write error-free texts, there is bound to be a browser extension that can help with it.

Try Virtual Private Networks

Surfing the net without virtual private networks is not always the best approach, given how many potential threats there are.

The argument for getting a VPN is even more prominent when you need to connect to public Wi-Fi. The public internet lacks the necessary security protocols. The odds of someone targeting unsuspecting people with the hopes of accessing their device are relatively high.

Using a virtual private network would eliminate these threats. Another benefit of a VPN is access to geo-restricted content.

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Ignore Shady Links

Ignoring questionable links is usually the best strategy. Even if you receive a URL from someone that you know and trust, it is better to avoid clicking the link if it looks suspicious.

If you are interested in checking it, you can enter the URL in Google to see what it will show. Or, like already mentioned, you might simply be better off ignoring a shady URL.

Avoid Ads

Knowing that some online ads can redirect you to a landing page that will infect your device with malware is not always enough. Some online advertisements are quite aggressive, and many users click on them despite trying to avoid these ads.

When you notice that the problem is getting out of hand, install an ad blocker extension to your internet browser. Not having to deal with ads improves one’s browsing experience significantly.

Some users go as far as installing multiple extensions, including the likes of uBlock Origin and AdBlock for YouTube.

Of course, it is important to mention that too many extensions will put a strain on the overall performance of the internet browser and your device, but if your setup can handle multiple ad blocker extensions, go for it.

Bookmark Frequently Visited Sites

The last piece of advice about improving your internet browsing experience is to bookmark frequently visited pages. If you plan to revisit a site, bookmark it in case you forget the website’s name.

If you forget, check the browsing history as it usually helps recollect what the website was, especially if you remember the date when you were on the said website.

The above tips will help you fix the challenges of internet browser not performing. Investing in the best VPN will help protect all your online activities