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NordVPN Review: The Best VPN for 2024

If you want a high-quality VPN that is transparent and protects your privacy, or you just want a fast and smooth streaming experience, NordVPN should be at the top of your list. NordVPN has been around since 2012 and is considered the best VPN service, with over 14 million satisfied customers worldwide. It is based in Panama, a privacy-friendly jurisdiction with no data retention laws, which has earned it a high level of trust in the VPN community.  NordVPN offers ultra-fast speeds, strong security measures, and unique privacy features like double-hop and onion over VPN. With a vast network of servers, NordVPN allows users to connect seamlessly and anonymously, masking their IP addresses and encrypting internet traffic. The user-friendly interface, compatibility across various devices and platforms, and the ability to bypass geo-restrictions make NordVPN a popular choice for those seeking a reliable VPN service. In this NordVPN review, we looked at all its features to explain why it is worth investing in. We have spent thousands of hours testing over 124 VPNs to provide unbiased recommendations. NordVPN is still our #1 choice for the best overall VPN, thanks to its transparency and dedication to privacy. Plus, it’s one of the VPNs with ultra-fast speeds for streaming and torrenting. NordVPN also offers a money-back guarantee, so you can try out their service risk-free, and if you don’t like it after 30 days of use, you can request a refund.

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Quick Guide – Why We’ve Ranked NordVPN #1 Out of 124+ Tested VPNs

If you don’t have much time to read the full article, here’s why NordVPN stands out as the best VPN among all the others we’ve tested.
  • The fastest VPN in our tests
  • 6,000+ optimized servers in 61 countries
  • Unblocked all the streaming sites we tested
  • Strict no-logging policy
  • Kill switch (blocks your internet access when your VPN connection drops.)
  • Dedicated IP address
  • Built-in security feature with an antivirus, password manager, and private server
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NordVPN Pros and Cons

Here’s a summary of what we liked and didn’t like about NordVPN. We’ll provide more detailed information about each point in the review. Things we like:  Robust security and privacy features – NordVPN uses AES-256-bit encryption and supports VPN protocols like OpenVPN and IKEv2/IPsec. It also has a built-in kill switch to protect your data incase the VPN connection drops. NordVPN offers additional security features like Double VPN, which encrypts your traffic by routing it through two servers. They also have Onion Over VPN, which integrates the VPN with the Tor network for more privacy.  6,000+ ultra-fast servers in 61 countries – NordVPN has over 6,600 servers in 61 countries. This gives users many options for fast speed and accessibility. They have servers optimized for streaming on platforms like Netflix, Hulu, BBC iPlayer, Amazon Prime, Disney+, and others.  Strict no-logs policy – NordVPN doesn’t store user activity logs, connection timestamps, or any other information that could compromise privacy.  Excellent design – The VPN is user-friendly and simple to navigate, suitable for beginners and experienced users.  Ad blocking and malware protection – NordVPN has CyberSec, a feature that blocks ads and malicious websites and protects against online threats.  Dedicated IP address – Users get a unique, fixed IP address that is exclusively assigned to them. Dedicated IPs enhance online security by reducing the risk of being flagged as suspicious.  30-day money-back guarantee – You can try the VPN service and request a refund within 30 days if you’re not satisfied.  Things we don’t like: Offers big discounts on 2-year plans only – There are no significant discounts on smaller subscription plans. NordVPN has good deals for customers who choose longer-term plans, like 2-year subscriptions.  Limited simultaneous connections – Each NordVPN subscription plan allows only 6 connections at a time. Sharing the VPN subscription with family members or roommates requires coordination to stay within the maximum number of connections.

NordVPN Key Features

                                           OVERALL RANK:  #1 OF 124 VPNS
Price From US$3.99 a month
Money Back Guarantee 30 days
Operating Systems Windows, Mac, iOS, Linux, Android
Number of Servers 6,000+ servers in 61 countries
Streaming Services Netflix, Hulu, BBC iPlayer, Disney+, and more
Security No log policy, kill switch, 256-bit AES
Speed Fast speeds for streaming and torrenting
Customer Support 24/7 live chat

Speed: Is NordVPN Fast?

NordVPN is currently the fastest VPN on the market. Users can torrent safely and stream movies without buffering and long load times. To measure how fast NordVPN performs, we ran a series of speed tests during peak hours. Our goal was to see if NordVPN can maintain good performance when the network is busy. We tested different servers, protocols, and devices to get a complete picture of NordVPN’s ability to provide both security and speed when it matters most.  In our latest speed test in January 2024, we looked at how NordVPN servers perform during peak hours and came up with the averages for all speed tests we’ve conducted. To compare, we first tested our regular internet connection without the VPN. Without the VPN, our download speed was 462.24 Mbps, upload speed at 311.83, and latency of 35 milliseconds. Then, we tested the VPN on a Windows 10 PC using the NordLynx protocol (built on WireGuard). We tested the performance of specific NordVPN servers, the download speed, upload speed, and ping time.  Here are the results: 
Server Location Download Speed (Mbps) Upload Speed (Mbps) Ping (ms)
With No VPN (South Africa) 462.24 311.83 35
New York (USA) 428.74 280.17 65
London, UK 407.15 231.17 72
Tokyo, Japan 387.21 182.14 106
When we tested the VPN on the Windows 10 PC in New York, USA, using the NordLynx protocol, we got a download speed of 428.74 Mbps, upload speed of 280.17 Mbps, and latency of 65 milliseconds.  In London, UK, we had a download speed of 407.15 Mbps, upload speed of 231.17 Mbps, and latency of 72 milliseconds.  The Tokyo, Japan server exhibited a download speed of 387.21 Mbps, an upload speed of 182.14 Mbps, and a latency of 106 milliseconds. They consistently performed well on different devices and servers, even though they were far away. This is impressive because many other VPNs slow down a lot when you connect to distant servers. It’s important to note that choosing a server nearby can make your speeds much faster From these tests, you can tell that NordVPN performs well and provides good speeds for torrenting and streaming videos. Choosing a nearby server is a smart way to get the best speeds overall.

Is NordVPN Good for Streaming?

NordVPN is the best VPN for streaming. It has many servers in different countries, which lets users connect to servers in specific regions and watch content that is blocked in their area.

NordVPN works with popular streaming services like Netflix, BBC iPlayer, Hulu, Amazon Prime, and more. This means users can watch shows and movies on these platforms easily. NordVPN also works with different versions of Netflix in many countries. We have tested and confirmed that it works with 18 Netflix libraries in Argentina, Austria, Australia, Brazil, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Mexico, Netherlands, New Zealand, South Korea, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, and the US.

NordVPN Compatibility with Streaming Devices:
Device Optimized Platforms
Amazon Fire Stick Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime Video, Kodi, and more
Smart TVs Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime Video, and more
Roku Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime Video, and more
Apple TV Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime Video, and more
Gaming Consoles Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime Video, and more
Mobile Devices (iOS/Android) Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime Video, and more
Desktop/Laptop Computers Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime Video, Kodi, and more

NordVPN is great for streaming because it has fast connections and a ”SmartPlay” feature. With a stable and fast connection, you won’t have to deal with buffering or lag. On the other hand, the SmartPlay feature is used to unblock and access geo-restricted content on streaming platforms like Netflix, Hulu, and BBC iPlayer. SmartPlay combines a VPN with Smart DNS, so you can watch content from different Netflix libraries without losing speed or security.

NordVPN is easy to use on devices like the Amazon Fire Stick. You can easily connect to VPN servers and watch Netflix on your favorite devices.

NordVPN is also focused on keeping your data safe. It encrypts your internet connection, so your data is protected while you stream. This adds another layer of security to keep you safe from threats.

What is SmartDNS used for?

Smart DNS Play is an encrypted secure Smart DNS that NordVPN uses to enable you to bypass geographical restrictions and unblock streaming services. In the same token, NordVPN Smart Play will allow you to access more than 150 streaming channels, including Amazon Prime, Hulu, Netflix, Zattoo, ABC Go, Cartoon Network, Telemundo, Discovery, Star Trek,, TNT Drama, and NBC Sports among many others. NordVPN SmartP Play can help you access and stream content from a channel in a given region without necessarily having to connect to a server from the area. However, you will not be able to configure the NordVPN Smart play on devices that do not run a VPN client like Roku, SmartTV, or even a games console.

Start Streaming with NordVPN

Is NordVPN Safe for Torrenting?

NordVPN is a great choice for people who love torrenting. It has many features that make the experience better, and one notable feature is the P2P-optimized servers. These servers are spread out around the world and help you download and upload files quickly. When it comes to your safety, NordVPN takes it seriously. It uses strong encryption and has a strict no-logs policy, meaning your online activities will stay private and secure. To keep your identity safe while torrenting, make sure to turn on the IP protection features like the kill switch and leak protection. Follow these steps to torrent safely with NordVPN:
  • Visit the NordVPN website and download NordVPN’s app
  • choose a P2P-optimized server
  • Turn on the kill switch and leak protection
  • Start downloading. Make sure the VPN is connected before you start downloading
Be sure to update your NordVPN app regularly. You can also use the CyberSec feature to block harmful websites and ads while torrenting, which adds to your security.  NordVPN works well with different torrenting clients like BitTorrent and uTorrent so that it can meet your preferences. It also lets you access torrenting sites even if they have restrictions.  NordVPN is definitely the best choice for a safe and smooth torrenting experience. It has dedicated P2P servers and strong security measures.

Does NordVPN allow peer-to-peer (P2P) traffic?

Peer-to-peer networking is among the fastest way and most convenient ways to share files with a large group of people. NordVPN allows P2P on its network and protects your traffic data all the way. When you use the VPN, it allows you to connect to a remote server, thereby replacing your real IP with that of the server. The IP swap hides your location and helps you to stay private while sharing files online. NordVPN uses the best-in-class encryption to secure your traffic data. Moreover, it offers double data encryption and Onion over VPN for complete anonymous browsing. Its location in Panama, a country with no metadata laws and away from spying, is excellent for torrenting activities. The strictly no-logs policy ensures that even if the provider is slumped with a court order requiring it to release your P2P activities, it won’t have any. Having an in-built Kill Switch is important for torrenting because it protects your traffic data from exposure if the VPN disconnects. NordVPNs inbuilt protection from DNS and IP leaks make it safe and suitable for P2P activities.

Is NordVPN Good for Gaming?

NordVPN is the best VPN for gamers who want speed, extra security, and flexibility. It has strong encryption and many servers around the world so that gamers can play privately and securely. NordVPN also lets users get around restrictions and play games that are not available in their area. Plus, NordVPN can protect against DDoS attacks, which is important for online gamers. It has fast speeds and is reliable, so gamers who care about privacy and protection will like it.

With NordVPN for gaming, you get to:

  • Access DDoS protection 

A gaming VPN will protect your device from participating or becoming a victim of DDoS attacks. Distributed Denial of Service attacks are rampant in the gaming world. Gamers are known to use DDoS attacks to gain competitive advantage by either slowing down the other player’s internet connection or shutting them completely out from a game server. If you are a target of a DDoS attack, multiple computers are used to send unwanted data traffic to your IP address aimed at overwhelming your network. NordVPN will be able to mitigate more traffic than your actual connection. The provider hides your real IP and also encrypts your data traffic to make it untraceable by any other person. Besides, even if you become a target, you still have the option to hop from one IP to another.
  • Access your worldwide games first

Usually, new games are not released in all regions at the same time. If a new game is released to your region after months, you can still use a VPN to gain access to the game before it’s available to your location. NordVPN has servers in 61 countries across the globe. All you need is to connect to its server in a location where the game was launched earlier. NordVPN will also allow you to play games on whichever platform you prefer. It is compatible with Windows, Android, macOS, Linux, iPhone, Android, and Android TV. You only need to change your IP address to access worldwide games from anywhere. The best way to describe it is ‘Gaming on the Go.’ Even when you travel to the UK, France, Germany, Brazil, and even China, you have 6000 servers at your disposal to play the latest games.
  • Avoid bandwidth throttling

It is frustrating and annoying to see the buffering screen when you are just about to unleash your opponent the final victory blow. While it may be a slow connection, it may as well mean that your ISP (Internet Service Provider) is throttling your bandwidth. It is an intentional reduction in internet speeds to minimize network congestion and server crashes. NordVPN encrypts your data traffic, effectively hiding it from your ISP.

NordVPN Server Locations

NordVPN provides you with 6,000+ servers in 60+ countries that specialize in a specific area. Only PIA VPN has more servers when compared with all other VPNs. But NordVPN has a unique feature that sets it apart. With NordVPN, users can choose the server they want. This makes it convenient for users to customize their online experience. PIA doesn’t offer this option. Therefore, after you connect to NordVPN, you just find a server that specializes in your desired service; connect to the nearest server location or one that will help you bypass geo-restriction. NordVPN doesn’t stop at standard servers. They also have specialized servers for different user needs. One important feature is the static IP, which gives a secure and consistent connection. NordVPN also has a double VPN, which adds extra encryption for maximum security. They include Tor, called Onion Over VPN by NordVPN. This makes it easy for users to access the Tor network and stay private and anonymous online. NordVPN also has dedicated servers for Netflix US and P2P servers for file sharing. They offer a wide variety of servers to meet the different needs of users who care about online security and privacy. Here’s a list of NordVPN’s server and their locations:
Location Number of Servers
North America 2,460
Central America 12
South America 59
Europe 2774
Asia 427
Oceania 209
Africa 20

Security and Privacy: Is NordVPN Safe?

NordVPN is a VPN service that keeps your internet connection secure. It is known for its strong encryption, commitment to user privacy, and no-logs policy.

Let’s look at some of the features that NordVPN uses to secure your internet connection.

NordVPN is Based in Panama

Nord’s location in Panama gives it a head start over other VPNs. Of course, it’s a great option for you if privacy is tops on your agenda. Also, Panama is known for zero surveillance, and there are no metadata laws, hence internet freedom. The VPN is away from the NSA and GCHQ spheres of influence.

No-Logs Policy

NordVPN has a strict no-logs policy. Even where the VPN is required by law enforcement or is under a court order to produce your logs, they won’t have any to disclose. Nord VPN has a transparent privacy policy. Besides, they use simple language devoid of the usual legalese. They will terminate your account if you use it to do illegal things.  They may also terminate your account if you violate the T&Cs. Nonetheless, they hardly interfere with your privacy. We strongly advise that you always use a VPN service that has a strictly no-logs policy, particularly where privacy is your top priority.

Protocols and Encryption

NordVPN uses the AES-256-GCM encryption algorithm with a 4096-bit DH key. Furthermore, you also get all five major protocols from IKEv2, OpenVPN, PPTP, L2TP, and IPsec coupled with a robust SSL-based 4096-bit encryption. NordVPN uses four main protocols to route through your device. Here’s how they work.

1. OpenVPN

OpenVPN is the most secure protocol. It features fast speeds and the ability to bypass firewalls. The protocol is available as either TCP (Transmission Control Protocol) or UDP (User Datagram Protocol) internet protocols. On the downside, OpenVPN has a complicated setup.

2. IPSec/IKEv2

Microsoft and Cisco developed IKEv2 is fast, stable, and secure. It uses IPSec tools to offer comprehensive VPN coverage. IPSec’s tools, such as Mobility and Multi-homing protocol, ensure you have a connection even as you move between internet connections. Hence, IKEv2 is a dependable protocol for mobiles. It communicates faster, uses less bandwidth, and bypasses firewalls. However, IKEv2 is not compatible with many systems. Going by Edward Snowden’s revelation, it was potentially compromised by the NSA. Programmers, including NordVPN, managed to patch up the issue.


Secure Sockets Tunneling Protocol (SSTP) developed by Microsoft supports AES-256 protocol, it’s easy to set up, and easily bypasses firewalls. However, since its privately owned, its code is not available for testing by researchers

4. WireGuard®

WireGuard is the newest open-source VPN protocol. It is the fastest and uses robust cryptography better than even IPSec/IKEv2 or OpenVPN. Its free and open-source nature means anyone can check out its code, making it easy to deploy, audit, and deburge.

5. NordLynx

NordVPN already released NordLynx, a new technology built around the WireGuard Protocol. It’s the fastest protocol in the industry. Since WireGuard, on its own, can’t ensure privacy, NordVPN developed a double NAT (Network Address Translation) system, which establishes a secure VPN connection and ensures there’s no storage of any identifiable user data on a server.

VPN Kill Switch

NordVPN uses the Internet Kill Switch to protect the exposure of your online activities by disconnecting your internet connection should the VPN connection drop. It is invaluable for protecting the accidental exposure of your data. Nord also protects you against IP and DNS leaks; hence, it’s safe.

Threat Protection

NordVPN’s Threat Protection offers more than just VPN services. It protects you when you’re online and defends against threats in different ways. For example, it scans the files you download. It quickly finds and removes any malware infections. It also improves your browsing experience through an inbuilt feature known as CyberSec that blocks dangerous websites and lets you avoid annoying ads. CyberSec blocks annoying ads and stops web trackers that secretly collect information about your online activities.

Threat Protection also uses advanced AI-powered tools to detect phishing attempts and has a large database of malicious websites. This makes your digital defenses much stronger.

Threat Protection is a versatile cybersecurity product. It does more than a regular antivirus program.

Onion over VPN

Onion over VPN is a feature that Nord has in place to increase your security and privacy. When you connect to the NordVPN server, it routes your traffic through the Tor Network. As usual with Tor, your packets of data are routed across several Tor hops and then to your destination. Equally important, you can also access the .onion websites using NordVPN, as the DNS traffic also routes through the Tor network.

Double VPN

Double encryption means your traffic is encrypted twice. First, your packets of data pass through the VPN server where it’s encrypted. Then, the traffic undergoes a second encryption on its way to the second server. As a result, you get enhanced encryption, anonymity, and security.

DNS Leak Protection

NordVPN has inbuilt DNS leak protection; a technology that prevents any unencrypted queries going outside the secure VPN tunnel. NordVPN also implements IPv6 leak protection. Hence, NordVPN is very safe.


NordVPN automatically initiates a VPN connection whenever a Wi-Fi network is joined. You can set the WiFiSec feature to automatically connect to Nord on both secured and unsecured Wi-Fi networks. Our daily hassles engage us too much to be conscious of the Wi-Fi networks our device connects to, be it in a restaurant, while commuting, or at the airport. With the NordVPN WiFiSec feature, you can always be sure that your data is protected at all times.

Is Your Data Safe with NordVPN? NordVPN Third-party Audit

NordVPN doesn’t keep, sell, or track your data. In November 2018, NordVPN passed a third-party audit of its no-logs policy by PricewaterhouseCoopers. Also, in October 2019, it underwent an audit of its app by Versprite. The VPN patched vulnerabilities revealed through penetration testing, which attests to its commitment to security and transparency.
Other equally important security features of note are:
  • NordLayer
  • NordPass
  • NordLocker
  • Meshnet
  • Dedicated IPs
  • Firewall pass-through

Is NordVPN Easy to Use?

NordVPN is easy to set up and use. It features a well-designed client that supports all major platforms, from Windows, macOS, iOS, and Android. Uniquely, the platforms come with all the necessary configurations, making it easy for you to download, install, and use. Besides, we have lots of resources on this website, including tutorials that can help you set up the VPN service on various platforms. NordVPN client is fully featured and works excellently. Its free VPN client download is also easy, even if it’s your first instance with a VPN. The service offers encrypted proxy extensions for Chrome and Firefox browsers. NordVPN works on all devices and allows up to 6 simultaneous connections using a single account. Here’s how to set up NordVPN:

1. Visit the NordVPN pricing page and choose your subscription plan.

2. Fill in your details and complete the payment process on the checkout page.

3. You’ll receive an email with a registration link for your Nord Account. Use it to create your password.

4. Download NordVPN and sign in using your Nord Account details.

NordVPN App is available for the following operating systems:
  • Windows
  • macOS
  • iOS
  • Android
  • Linux (command line)
Below, we’ll guide you through the process of signing up and using NordVPN on these apps.

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How Much Does NordVPN Cost per Month?

NordVPN gives you 3 simple and easy-to-get plans: The standard, plus, and complete plans. The monthly plan costs $12.99 every month. Choosing the year plan saves you 60%, making the price $6.49 each month. The two-year plan gives the biggest cuts. It lets you pay $3.79 monthly with a discount of up to 65%. With NordVPN pricing, the best choice you can make is choosing the Complete plan. It includes a variety of Nord products altogether. This plan has a safe VPN, uses a password tool, and uses cloud storage that is hidden. This helps keep all your data and actions completely safe. Also, the more time that the plan lasts, the more money you can save.

Prices and Benefits with 2-Year Subscription:

The 2-year plan subscription costs US$5.79, and you get to save 65%. With a 2-year complete subscription, you get additions such as 1TB cloud storage, Nordlocker (Next-generation file encryption), and NordPass (Password Manager). However, you can also get a standard 2-year subscription at US$3.79 monthly, without the ad-ons. NordVPN provides various payment options for your convenience, including Credit Cards, AmazonPay, Sofort, PayPal, ACH Transfer, Prepaid Cards, Apple Pay, and Google Pay. Additionally, Nord offers its users the ability to pay for its services using anonymous payment methods like Bitcoin. This is important for those who want to be completely anonymous. All NordVPN plans include a 30-day money-back guarantee. If you are not happy with the service, you can ask for your money back within the first 30 days of buying it.

Get Even Cheaper with NordVPN Coupons:

To find extra savings, look at these NordVPN coupons. These coupons can make this complete VPN package even cheaper, saving you money.

Is there a NordVPN Free Trial?

Yes, there’s a free trial for NordVPN that allows you to test the service for 7 days free. NordVPN’s free service is as excellent as the paid version as regards the features, encryption, number of servers, and the ability to connect up to 6 devices using a single subscription simultaneously. However, for this to work, you have to install NordVPN on your Android phone. Also, make sure there is no existing NordVPN account linked to this account. When you download the app and create an account, then you can start your free 7-day trial. You’ll then be able to use NordVPN on different other devices. Just get the app on all your preferred gadgets and use your normal username and password to sign in. Remember that even if you first set up the VPN on your mobile, you can use the same login info on all your devices. Unlike many other VPN services that limit bandwidth on the free trial, the NordVPN trial provides unlimited bandwidth and full speeds on its free version. Also, it offers a no–questions–asked money-back guarantee. If the NordVPN free trial is not enough for you, its 30-day money-back guarantee allows you to test NordVPN risk-free for 30 days.

Try NordVPN Risk-Free

NordVPN Comparison with Other VPNs

When comparing NordVPN to other VPNs, you need to look for things like security features, speed, safety, it’s use-friendliness and also how much it costs. Here’s a comparison table of NordVPN with some other well-known VPN services:
VPN NordVPN ExpressVPN CyberGhost Private Internet Access (PIA)
Rating 9.9★★★★★ 9.5★★★★★ 9.2★★★★ 8.5★★★★
Price  US$3.79 US$6.67 US$2.03 US$2.03
Refund 30-day money-back guarantee 30-day money-back guarantee 45-day money-back guarantee 30-day money-back guarantee
Server Network 6,000 servers in 61 countries 3,000 servers in 105 countries 11,200 servers in 100 countries 35,000 servers in 91 countries
Speed 99%  93% 89% 85%
No-logs Policy Yes Yes Yes Yes
Kill Switch Yes Yes Yes Yes
Support 24/7 live chat 24/7 live chat 24/7 live chat 24/7 live chat
Special Features CyberSec, Double VPN, Onion over VPN, MediaStreamer, Split tunneling Ad-blocking, Malware protection Ad blocking, PIA MACE (ad blocker)
Number of Devices Up to 6 Up to 3 Up to 5 Up to 5

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Does NordVPN Bypass the Great Firewall of China?

The Great Firewall of China is a vast internet censorship program exercised by the People’s Republic of China. It aims at regulating the internet domestically. Some of its methods include IP blocking, DNS tampering, and hijacking, Deep Packet Inspection among others. You can’t imagine life without Google products, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, New York Times, Bloomberg, and many other vital international services. China is at war with VPN services, and it seems to be winning, as many services, including CyberGhost, have already thrown in the towel. Only a handful of VPNs, including NordVPN, ExpressVPN, SurfShark, and VyprVPN, have what it takes to bypass the notorious Chinese censorship apparatus.

How Does NordVPN for China Work?

NordVPN offers obfuscated servers that hide OpenVPN traffic and disguise it as regular HTTPS traffic, effectively fooling the Great Firewall of China. However, you need to download the VPN app on your device before entering China, as you won’t be able to download it while in the jurisdiction. We tested NordVPN China and found it working at the time of writing this review. For more information on censorship in China, you can read our compressive article on the best VPN for China.

Customer Support

NordVPN provides several support options that are readily available on the help page. Moreover, you can browse comprehensive and easy-to-understand tutorials and FAQs. You can also fill out a form or get help from a live chat service. Another key point is that the Nord support service is available 24/7. We contacted customer support and were impressed. We found the support staff to be knowledgeable and helpful. 

Do We Recommend NordVPN?

Utopia VPN Guide highly recommends NordVPN, as is arguably the best VPN service provider. Its service is top-notch, its customer support is knowledgeable, and you get privacy without compromising on performance. NordVPN is stable, has good speeds, and provides meaningful anonymity and robust security. It has a broad collection of servers, double encryption, and Tor over VPN for added security. The pricing is reasonable, and they allow up to 6 simultaneous connections using a single subscription. NordVPN ticks most boxes, making it the best VPN service of 2024.

NordVPN review: Frequently Asked Questions in 2024

1. What is NordVPN used for?

NordVPN is used to secure all your traffic and provide you with high levels of safety, anonymity, and privacy when browsing online. NordVPN is a Virtual Private Network (VPN) that creates a secure connection between your device and a remote server run by the VPN service.

2. Can NordVPN be hacked?

NordVPN keeps you safe from hackers and attackers online. It is a virtual private network service that doesn’t store any of your data or configuration files, so hackers can’t access them in a hack.

NordVPN protects you by encrypting your traffic using AES (Advanced Encryption Standard) with 256-bit-keys. When you connect to NordVPN, it automatically selects the most appropriate encryption setting for your speed and security situations. The VPN hides your IP address to ensure that you browse anonymously. You can rest assured that NordVPN security is top-notch.

3. What is cybersec NordVPN?

Cybersec is NordVPN’s advanced security solution that helps protect you against malware. The CyberSec suit effectively identifies malware threats as you browse the internet and stops connection to such malicious websites. Hence, Cybersec protects you against a wide range of threats, including DDoS attacks and adware.

4. Does NordVPN store logs

NordVPN is a Strictly no-logs service. That means that it neither tracks the time or duration of your online session nor keeps logs of websites visited, IP addresses or servers used or files downloaded. Hence it is a secure VPN to use.

5. Is NordVPN safe for torrenting

We’ve received questions such as is torrenting safe with a VPN? Does NordVPN allow torrenting? And many more on the subject. If you are wondering whether torrenting is safe with VPN the answer is an absolute Yes. As long as you are using a competent service like NordVPN, it will secure your connection and hide your IP address and geographic location. It provides you with specific servers that are optimized for P2P connections. Moreover, you have more than 6,000 servers worldwide making it easy to find optimized servers for your torrenting needs.

5. Can I watch US Netflix with NordVPN?

Yes, you can watch not only US Netflix with NordVPN but also many other streaming services including Hulu, Amazon Prime, BBC iPlayer, Sky Go to YouTube TV. NordVPN for Netflix offers excellent connection speeds, and it’s known to respond quickly whenever any of its Netflix IPs suffer blocking.

6. How do I use NordVPN for Netflix?

It’s easy to use NordVPN Netflix. Here’s how:
  1. Purchase a NordVPN subscription and get Up to 65% off + 3 months extra.
  2. Download and install the specific NordVPN app suitable for your device
  3. Connect to the NordVPN service
  4. That’s it; you can open NordVPN Netflix and stream your favorite Netflix TV show or Movie.

Websites you visit have access to your information



YOUR CITY: Ashburn


YOUR ISP: Amazon Technologies Inc.



Use a VPN to hide this information and Protect Your privacy today!

We recommend NordVPN. It provides top-notch privacy and is currently offered at a discounted price.

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