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is putocker safe and legal

Is Putlocker Safe & Legal to Use in 2024? Here’s the Truth!

The question as to whether Putlocker is legal and safe to use is a significant subject of discussion in many forums. Copyright laws differ from one jurisdiction to another. Also, in some countries, copyright laws are developed while in other countries, copyright laws have not been a priority and they are trying to catch up. Be that as it may, in most jurisdictions, streaming sites that infringe on copyright law are mostly illegal.

Hence you should think twice before visiting websites such as Putlocker, CouchTuner or 123Movies to stream movies and TV shows. And if you do, you must always use a competent VPN Service.

Here’s a summary of the best VPNs for Putlocker to keep you safe in 2024:

  1. NordVPN
  2. ExpressVPN
  3. TorGuard
  4. CyberGhost
  5. VyprVPN

What is Putlocker?

Putlocker merely is an online index of hosted files that include movies and TV shows. The platform has a substantial HD content of TVs and movie shows. Unlike Netflix, Hulu, or Amazon Prime and other streaming services that require payment, Putlocker is free to use, and no credit cards are needed.

Expensive premium services could drive people to pirate sites

Putlocker is the craze and many people from all walks of life access it to consume content. The world has gone digital. And now, the internet has made it possible for people to access content across the globe regardless of where they may be. However, streaming services such as Netflix, Hulu, and many others do charge a fee to access their streaming services. Those unable to afford such charges but want to access the latest movies and TV shows find themselves at sites like Putlocker, CouchTuner, and 123Movies. Interestingly, most of them don’t even know that accessing such streams could be illegal.

Geo-blocks could also be among the reasons people find themselves on illegal streams

Apart from not being able to afford premium streaming services like Netflix, and Hulu, streaming services do discriminate users based on their locations. Netflix, the leading streaming service does not provide its services equitably to their subscribers across the globe. Its users in the US get access to a massive catalog of movies and TV shows compared to none. Such geo-restrictions has seen many of their frustrated legally paying customers cooling their heels at Putlocker and its alternative sites.

Is Putlokcker safe?

Putlocker can be classified as safe. However, you have to contend with annoying popups. Also, you’d better avoid unofficial Putlocker proxies as they can infect your device with malware. To be safe using Putlocker would require that you make use of a competent antivirus to help check whether the site you intend to visit is secure.

An ad blocker will also come in handy to prevent the annoying popups. Let’s face it, in as much as all ads are not dangerous; some will trick you into installing malware to your device. Others are keen on harvesting your personal information. Clicking on such ads may lead to hacking, identity theft or even doxing.

Is Putlocker legal?

Most countries have come up with laws to protect copyright owners from the stealing of intellectual property. Among the measures in place involve the enacting of stringent copyright laws. It is widely accepted that the streaming of copyright-protected material without permission is illegal. Hence streaming platforms such as Putlocker, CouchTuner, 123Movies and many others that provide illegal streaming of copyright-protected content without permission from copyright owners are unlawful. To that extent, and depending on where you live, Putlocker may be illegal.

In certain jurisdictions, using Putlocker, Couchtuner, 123Movies, and other similar sites could see you get copyright notices from your ISP. In fact, many people have affirmed getting this copyright notices with the stated reasons being watching pirated movies. Hence you should either avoid such websites altogether or make sure to use a premium VPN service to watch your movies and TV anonymously.

How can I stream content safely on Putlocker?

Whenever you venture online, just know that you are on your own. Hence you must consciously take measures to secure your valuable data, your identity, and to ensure that your devices are also safe and secure. When browsing the internet, you might not know who is snooping and checking the websites that you visit and all your online activities. Also, there may be hackers intending to steal your data, or identity thieves, looking to steal your identity. Copyright trolls could also have a field day making money out of you in litigation.

I know it sounds scary-nay-it’s scary. But, don’t panic, relax because I’m about to show you how to prevent all the above and browse the internet as if you are in the safety of your home. You know what? You need a VPN (Virtual Private Network).

What is a VPN and how can it help secure my online activities?

A VPN is a technology that encrypts your traffic and hides your online activity keeping you safe. A competent VPN service will help you as follows:

  • Encrypt your data and safeguard you against Snoops, hackers, doxers, and identity thieves
  • Unblock streaming websites such as Netflix, Hulu, BBC iPlayer, and many others
  • Protect against Government surveillance, your ISP, and third parties
  • Browse anonymously and avoid traffic throttling by your ISP
  • Torrent safely without the fear of copyright trolls and DMCA notices
  • Bypass censorship like the notorious Great Firewall of China using VPN stealth technology
  • Block malicious websites and annoying ads

Using a VPN has become part and parcel of browsing the internet. Indeed, a VPN has provided internet freedom for many across the world. Even those that reside in heavily censored regions like China where websites are blocked including social media can use the VPN stealth technology and bypass censorship. Interestingly, I’ve heard that senior Government officials from countries that exercise internet censorship use VPN to bypass their blocks. So, a VPN is the undisputed champion for online safety, anonymity, and freedom.

Having said that, I have to make one thing clear. Not every other VPN service has the above-stated ability. You see, the same way we have fake and shady streaming websites, there are also dishonest and useless VPN services. As you know, whenever there is a high demand for a particular product like VPN in our case, individuals, and organizations claiming to have the perfect VPN solution seem to crop up every day. You need to be careful. Only a competent VPN service can give you complete online security, and anonymity.

5 best VPN services for Putlocker in 2024

  1. NordVPN

NordVPN will help you stream your desired TVs, and Video shows safely. It is also perfect for using streaming services because you might never know whether a particular streaming website is illegal. In fact, many people access sites like Putlocker, CouchTuner, 123Movies because they are free and not because they may be pirate sites. Hence to avoid getting caught up in a copyright situation, you can use NordVPN to stream your content anonymously.

Nord will provide you with 5,700+ servers across more than 62 countries. Such extensive server locations are excellent for unblocking streaming services across the globe. The speeds are worthy enough to support streaming in HD without the annoying buffering.

The VPN will ensure you are off-radar so that even your ISP won’t be able to throttle your traffic. They won’t know the websites you are visiting. And your data is protected by AES 256-bit encryption, and also double VPN. If you require complete anonymity so that you’re online escapades are only known to you, Nord VPN’s Tor over VPN we’ll be your online soul mate.

You can try their service risk-free with their 30-days no questions asked money-back guarantee.

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2. ExpressVPN

ExpressVPN is another excellent streaming VPN service. They also allow torrenting on their network. The VPN works on all devices and is easy to use. Express VPN has more than 2,000 servers in 94 countries which makes them ideal for unblocking content across the globe. It is a strictly no logs VPN service that employs AES 256-bit encryption to ensure the safety of your data. Speeds are also taken care of allowing you to stream your favorite movies and TV shows without any lags.

ExpressVPN provides you with an Internet Kill Switch to protect the exposure of your traffic in case the VPN connection falls. You also get the handy Split Tunneling feature that enables you to choose which of your traffic routes through the VPN encrypted tunnel and which one should go through your ISP. Finally, I have to state without any fear of contradiction that ExpressVPN has the Best Customer Support in the VPN industry.

Try out their service today risk-free with their 30-days money-back guarantee.

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3. CyberGhost VPN

CyberGhost is a vibrant VPN service with its base in Romania, one of the best VPN locations in the world. Romania has friendly privacy laws so that you need not worry much about government spying. Besides, CyberGhost is a no logs VPN service meaning they do not keep a record of your online activities. This can only mean that you are safe using CyberGhost to stream not just movies and TV shows, but also torrenting and any other content. Ease of use, excellent speeds, and robust security make CyberGhost to firmly seat on the VPN high-table. I can’t stop without letting you know that the VPN allows simultaneous connection up to 7 devices.

Visit CyberGhost

4. TorGuard

TorGuard is a VPN service created with streamers, torrent leechers, and seeders in mind. What does that mean? Your online privacy gets priority. With TorGuard you can enjoy your favorite free movies and TV shows without the fear of copyright infraction. TorGuard is a strictly no logs VPN service that exhibits excellent speeds and supports HD streaming. Furthermore, the VPN has more than 3,000 VPN servers in 68 VPN server locations spreading across 55 countries worldwide. I like their VPN stealth technology that can bypass censorship blocks including the notorious Great Firewall of China.

5. VyprVPN

VyprVPN continually exhibits excellent speeds in my various speed tests. This is because VyprVPN owns and manages its servers and therefore no third parties are involved. The VPN is easy to use and provides robust security features to keep you safe online. Moreover, they boast of having more than 700 servers with over 200,000 global IP’s in 70+ countries. I like their chameleon proprietary technology that’s perfect for defeating VPN blocking. If you reside or are traveling to countries with heavy censorship like China, India, Turkey, Russia, Syria, or Iran, the chameleon technology could be of help. It scrambles VPN Packet metadata thus making it unrecognizable through deep packet inspection (DPI). This way, you can bypass any form of censorship and access content from around the world.

You can sign up for their 3-day free trial to test their service.

Putlocker is similar to CouchTuner and 123Movies

Plutlocker has many similarities with CouchTuner and 123Movies. However, CouchTuner and 123Movies are known to be purely pirate sites. In fact, early this year, Motion Picture Association of America named 123Movies as the most popular illegal film website in the world. Indeed, 123Movies receives more than 98 million visitors in a month. Such unlawful streaming websites continually get blocked. However, they quickly come up with many other subdomains.

Since accessing such websites can cause you serious legal trouble, it is better you instead use the best alternative sites. Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime are some Top alternative sites to Putlocker.

Putlocker Top alternative sites

Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime are some of the best Putlocker alternatives you can use to stream movies and TV shows safely. Though the streaming services will cost you some money, you get a high-quality legal stream. It feels good knowing that you are not stealing another person’s intellectual property. Also, you avoid the risk of getting malware injected into your device which could ruin your entire system. Moreover, you avoid the danger of being served with DMCA notices.


Netflix is the reigning champion when it comes to streaming movies and TV shows. They have the most extensive library of movies and TV shows ranging from romance, drama, sci-fi, kids show to fiction. Subscription to the Netflix basic plan will cost you $7.99/month. The standard plan $9.99/month while the premium plan will require you to part with $11.95/month. The premium plan allows you to stream in HD and on 4 screens concurrently.

The only challenge with Netflix is on those who reside outside of the USA. The Netflix library in the US is vast compared to other countries. The Netflix USA catalog consists of 1,326 TV shows and 4,339 movies. For comparison purposes, a country like Kenya in East Africa has access to 201 TV shows and 476 movies. However, a VPN comes in handy to help unblock the entire Netflix USA catalog.


Hulu is a Putlocker alternative that closely follows Netflix. They have an extensive catalog of movies and TV shows. They have two main plans that they refer to as the “Hulu Experience.” The Limited Commerce Plan goes for $7.99/month, while the No Commercials plan costs $11.99/month. Both plans allow you to add SHOWTIME to your subscription. Take note that even the no commercials plan do serve some ads. Also, Hulu is geo-blocked, and a competent VPN will suffice.

Amazon Prime

Amazon Prime is another world-class streaming giant that offers a massive catalog of movies and TV shows. It’s among the best Putlocker alternative sites that you can use without the fear of getting DMCA notices in your inbox. Also, copyright trolls won’t get a chance with you. Amazon’s monthly Prime members pay $12.99/month while Prime Student members pay $6.49/month. The streaming service offers 30-days free trial, so you can test and find out if it’s something you like. Also, the free trial allows you 2-days of free shipping. Unlike Netflix and Hulu, if the movie you are looking for is unavailable, Amazon Prime gives you the opportunity to rent or buy it.


If you are looking for a free movie streaming website like 123movies, you’d better search for Popcornflix. Unlike 123movies, Popcornflix is legal and safe to use. It’s an ad-based streaming service. No registration is needed so that in a matter of seconds you’ll be at watching your favorite movie. Their catalog includes romance, action, nostalgia, and other two websites that are equally popular. Popcornflixkids is fantastic for kids, while Frightflix will do just that; scare the hell out of you with horrors.


If you didn’t get your free movies at Popcornflix, you could try your luck at crackle. Owned by Sony Pictures Entertainment, Crackle is an ad-based streaming service. Unlike 123movies, crackle is legal and safe to use. The free movies streaming service supports a broad-range of devices including Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV, Roku, Phones, Tablets, and laptops. Crackle also works with smart TVs, Chromecast, and play station. However, Crackle is Geo-blocked, and so a VPN comes in handy.

Putlocker Conclusion

Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime have different packages which you can purchase depending on your budget. They also provide a free trial period for you to test their service. Popcornflix, and Crackle are absolutely free of charge as they are ad-based. The above Putlocker alternative streaming websites are legal and safe to use.



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