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How does a VPN protect you

How to Choose A VPN: 6 Things to Consider

Most people who use Smartphones and computers to browse the internet don’t realize that their privacy could be compromised every time they click on a web page. Not only can your internet activity be seen by hackers or third-party agencies, but also your IP address is capable of showing your exact location with frightening accuracy.

That’s why you should purchase a premium VPN to ensure that when you browse the internet or stream movies, you’re doing it anonymously. A VPN is especially important when you create a free blog so that your login details and your activity can’t be seen or logged by third party agencies.

So how do you select a quality VPN? To find out, read about these top six features to consider when selecting a VPN for your device.

1. How fast is the VPN?

VPNs are prone to slowing down your internet speed. You don’t want software that’s going to slow down your connection speed, especially when you’re streaming movies, music, or working on projects.

Luckily there are VPN developers that have created versatile VPN programs that don’t have noticeable speed drops. You will experience slight connectivity drops, but it won’t affect your internet to the point where you can’t use it.

There are many VPN reviews on various brands that have done speed tests for each VPN. It’s advised that before you select a VPN, you read up on reviews of the brand you’ve chosen to ensure it has a decent speed with minimal connection drops.

2. Does it have military grade encryptions and protocols?

Your IP (Internet Protocol) address is basically your device’s identification number. Every webpage you visit and every download you click on can be traced back to your IP address.

The purpose of a VPN is to hide your IP address so that you can browse the internet anonymously. Third-party agencies such as your ISP (Internet Service Provider) can’t view what you’re doing online because your IP address will be concealed every time you log in with a VPN.

But in order to allow you to browse the internet undetected, your VPN needs higher grade encryption keys and protocols.

VPN Encryption

A VPN encryption key turns your readable data into indecipherable codes, which ensures that no one can read your data. Some VPN programs use a series of encryption keys, but the most secure is the AES-256. Most banks and online stores use this encryption key because of its high-end security protection.

VPN Protocols

A VPN protocol is fundamentally a set of rules that are used to connect your device to a VPN server securely. Some protocols can slow down your internet speed, so ensure that when you select a VPN, you pick a program that has the best protocols.

PPTP is one of the fastest protocols, and it’s integrated into most VPNs. Other premium protocols include SSTP, which can bypass most firewalls and IKEv2/IPSec, which is fast & exceptionally secure.

Protocols are quite versatile as they’re capable of bypassing geo-restricted sites.

Being able to bypass geo-restricted sites is an excellent feature, especially when you’re in another country. Places such as China, Turkey, and Iraq restrict users from logging in to specific sites so the protocols can unblock these web pages easily.

3. Always read the login policies

Before you sign up with the VPN you’ve chosen, you must first read the terms and conditions of the software. This is the most important step as some VPN service providers state that they log some parts of your data.

Logging data is not acceptable because your information can easily be sent to third party agencies. You have a right to privacy, so any information of yours that could be leaked is unethical. Comb through the login policy to make sure they don’t log your IP address when you’re using the VPN.

4. A premium VPN will have a Kill Switch

A VPN kill switch is a feature integrated into the program as an extra layer of protection. The purpose of a VPN kill switch is to immediately shut down your internet activity should the VPN stops working.

It’s important to select a VPN with a kill switch as it prevents leaking your IP address in the event of the program ceasing to work.

5. How many servers does the VPN offer?

A premium VPN program will have at least 3,000 servers across 93 countries. You’re able to connect to any server that offers the fastest connection speeds. Connecting to a server that’s in another country is another anonymity feature because it will mask your real location.

For example, if you connect to a server in Norway, the VPN will create the illusion that you’re browsing and streaming in this country instead of where you really are.

Another advantage to consider is that connecting to a server in another country may allow you to bypass geo-restricted sites in your country.

6. Does the VPN have excellent customer support?

The VPN service provider you opt for must offer excellent customer service. A VPN that stops working can have a major impact on your privacy, so a service provider that offers immediate help will be ideal.

Select a VPN service provider that offers 24/7 support with online chat boxes so you can log an issue with them for fast and reliable assistance.

Final thoughts

Most countries have strict online regulations, but they also tend to collect data from civilians without their knowledge because of the government’s war on terror. As mentioned before, you have a right to online privacy, and your data should never be shared or viewed with third party agencies.

But because we live in the digital age, you are at risk as there are hackers seeking banking account information, ISPs that are far too inquisitive, and government agencies that could read sensitive information.

So it’s important that you conceal your IP address using a premium VPN that offers you a wide range of security features. Select a VPN that is compatible with all types of devices, and that connects more than one application so you can secure yourself & members of your family when you need to.


Websites you visit have access to your information



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