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Sky Go

The Best VPN for Sky Go in 2024 (Fast and Secure)

The Sky Go service is offered for UK citizens only. It cannot be accessed outside the UK even if you are a citizen of the United Kingdom. If you try to access the Sky Go programs while abroad, you will be restricted due to geo blocking. However, when you use a VPN, it can allow you to by-pass the geo-restrictions and access Sky Go outside the allowed regions.

We have tested more than 100 VPNs and found NordVPN to be the best for unblocking Sky Go. Therefore, to watch Sky Go abroad, you should specifically opt for a VPN service like NordVPN that supports Sky Go abroad.

How to unblock Sky Go from anywhere using a VPN (Quick Guide)

  1. Choose the best VPN with servers in the UK – NordVPN gives the best streaming experience with Sky Go.
  2. Download and install your chosen VPN software and connect to a server in the UK.
  3. That’s it; you can sign in and enjoy your Sky Go streaming regardless of your location.

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Sky Go: Backround information

Sky Go is a popular online streaming television service offered by Sky, a British media giant. The service allows registered users to watch live entertainment, popular TV shows, and sports and on-demand video content on their laptops, tablets or smartphones.

Sky Go has a lot of premium channels in various categories including entertainment, kids, documentaries, international, sports, news, and movies. It also has free to download apps on both Google Play Store, Kindle Fire, and Apple iTunes store. When you are a registered Sky user, you don’t pay to access Sky Go on your devices.

How do you choose a Sky Go VPN that works?

Selecting the optimal VPN for Sky Go isn’t a straightforward task. It necessitates careful consideration of specific circumstances and features to ensure the best user experience.

  • The choice of Sky Go VPN you make will depend on the host country’s regulations for internet use. You should analyze the internet censorship situation wherever you are and how VPN services are used. You can research on different internet ratings in different regions and other VPN information on the internet.
  • To stream Sky Go abroad, it is critical that the VPN has a UK server location.

The other must-have features include

  • A no-logging policy that will offer you privacy when you are unblocking Sky Go abroad
  • Free trials and money-back guarantee when testing the VPN service
  • Encryption and data transfer protocols to prevent traffic from hackers

Are you Considering a Free or Paid VPN Service for Sky Go?

If you are thinking of free VPN or paid to watch Sky abroad, here are some comparisons to help you make a decision:

Online privacy

Using a free VPN exposes your personal information, which can be freely shared with third-party agencies, undermining your privacy. Conversely, paid VPN services typically uphold a strict no-logging policy, safeguarding your personal data from disclosure on the network.

Speedy internet connections

When you watch Sky Go with a free VPN, you will find that you cannot stream some channels comfortably because of slow internet connections. You will always encounter sluggish buffering and streaming.

Encryption protocols

Most Sky free VPN services use basic protocols that are often insecure and cannot protect you online. Paid VPN services have high speeds and guaranteed security.

There are many VPN services online to choose from, but I have personally tested the five below and found them to unblock Sky Go:

Best VPNs for SkyGo

1. NordVPN

NordVPN best vpn for sky go

NordVPN is user-friendly, and the best choice for beginners. It is built on advanced technologies with stellar capabilities. NordVPN has a SmartPlay feature that helps the user to choose the best server out of the more than 6,000 servers it has in over 100 countries.

NordVPN caters to both avid streamers and everyday VPN users alike, offering an array of features including, robust security protocols, impressive speeds, and reliable performance. Opting for NordVPN guarantees access to exceptional customer service, marked by swift responsiveness and comprehensive support.

NordVPN also offers a range of other features, including support for up to ten simultaneous connections, dedicated servers, DNS leak protection, and a kill switch. This remarkable VPN service has a strict no-logs policy, and automatic Wi-Fi protection.

NordVPN works with MacOS, Windows, Android, and iOS operating systems. One subscription to NordVPN enables you to connect up to ten devices at the same time.

Here are the pros of using NordVPN:

  • It has excellent downloading and streaming speeds
  • NordVPN continually updates its services for superb performance.
  • Their support staff is highly knowledgeable and resourceful round the clock.
  • It has apps that are secure, easy to use, and offer total privacy.
  • It  unblocks Sky Go, Netflix, Hulu, HBO, Showtime, Amazon Prime Video, and other popular streaming sites from any location and also supports torrenting.


Some of the servers are relatively slow

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2. ExpressVPN

ExpressVPN best vpn for sky go

ExpressVPN has over 3000 VPN servers in 94 countries with 148 locations. It has the invaluable Split tunneling feature that’s great for enhancing protection in case of loss of connection, AES-256 bit encryption, and zero-knowledge DNS. ExpressVPN makes it possible for users to configure and implement all essential protocols.

In our tests, ExpressVPN  showed excellent video streaming speeds, great performing servers. and a responsive live chat feature with 24-hour customer support. Not satisfied with their services? Don’t panic! ExpressVPN offers a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Express VPN pros:

  • Easy to use and secure
  • Extremely high speeds
  • Offers unlimited bandwidth from UK servers
  • Users can choose the best traffic that is encrypted with the split tunneling feature
  • Outstanding customer support
  • Guaranteed privacy and fair refund policy
  • All the servers support P2P activity
  • It works on Chrome, Linux, Firefox, MacOS, iOS, and Android, with an app that can be used with certain routers.


It is a bit expensive but worth the cost

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3. CyberGhost VPN

CyberGhost best vpn for sky go

CyberGhost VPN is easy to use with an intuitive interface that offers users several profiles that are tailored to their specific needs. It has more than 11,700 servers in 100 countries across the globe with fast connections. Users are allowed to choose a combination of settings for secure web browsing, torrenting, and unblocking streaming sites.

CyberGhost users have the option of manually setting up everything, but the VPN has an automatic layout for newbies. It is very reliable in performance and unblocks Sky Go and other streaming platforms instantly.

Users can get responsive support from CyberGhost around the clock. The VPN has great profiles, decent speeds, and also offers a 45-day money-back guarantee to users. The 7-day free trial for Android and iOS apps allow you to try out its service without spending a dime.

CyberGhost pros

  • Easy to use profiles that allow easy access to Sky Go
  • A super intuitive interface and zero logs policy.
  • 24-hour customer support
  • 7-day free trial and multiple platform compatibility
  • Supports torrenting
  • Five simultaneous connections that are private and secure
  • Enables P2P file sharing

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4. VyprVPN


VyprVPN has more than 700 servers in over 70 countries and over 200,000 IP addresses. It supports Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, and more. It’s premium package comes with five simultaneous connections. The Chameleon Protocol and the Cloud VyprVPN allows watching Sky Go with no limitations.

VyprVPN offers excellent speeds and performance that makes on-demand video and live streaming of Sky Go a possibility. It is private and secure, offering a three day trial period, and a 30-day money back guaranty to give you time to try its features before committing. . It also has apps for various platforms.

VyprVPN pros

  • It unblocks Sky Go and many other streaming sites
  • It guarantees users privacy and security
  • Its servers offer reliable connections and decent speeds.
  • No third parties involved (end-to-end privacy)


  • It is expensive
  • Apps lack advanced configuration options

5. IPVanish

IPVanish VPN

IPVanish has an extensive network of 2200 servers in more than 75 countries. It offers unlimited bandwidth with no data caps. IPVanish has high quality streaming with minimum buffering. Its encryption standards are top-notch, with a no logs policy that keeps ISP’s and other snoopers out. Their app has an in-built internet kill switch, an obfuscation feature, and DNS leak protection.

IPVanish has apps available for MacOS, Android, Windows, and iOS. Users with devices that are not VPN-compatible can purchase pre-configured routers.

IPVanish pros

  • It offers high-quality streams
  • It has all the privacy and security features for most situations
  • It works with Sky Go and many other popular services
  • It works with Kodi add-ons for users on the remote control


IPVanish is based in the US, a not so friendly privacy location.

Sky Go Conclusion

Sky Go is a renowned service that allows users to access their favorite Sky TV shows without watching television. The fact that Sky Go is geographically locked can be annoying to fans outside the UK who would like to continue watching their favorite UK content while abroad.

While there many VPN service providers on the internet, only a Sky Go VPN can help the user to access their favorite channels. Downloading the best VPN on your registered device allows you to access your favorite shows instantly. However, you have to ensure that you select a suitable VPN that is suitable for use on Sky Go. The recommendations in this article will offer you a range of UK servers and breakneck speeds for a wonderful streaming experience.


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